The VIGO teamdashboard is only available upon request.


  • The data and scores of your team are anonymous ; you can only see who is in your team but not see their exact scores.
  • You can view the dashboard per month or select a customrange (upper right in your screen) to view a specific time period ( for example the duration of a project). From 6 weeks onwards you will not see the average dayscore but weekscore.
  • In the dayscore graph you can see the average teamscore per day and the spread in score if you scroll over it.
  • You are able to see how many people scored that day and why not ( sick, other, free or not scored), at the bottom of the dashboard you can see the totals in percentages.
  • You will see the total teamscore per driver under driverview (left graph) and also how often a specific driver scores positive and negative by the team (right graph)
  • At the Top 3 and Bottom 3 days you can see which days were the best of worst days of the team and how many persons scored that day (amount).
  • At the most unanimous days and most divided days you will also find the spread in scores between the teammembers.

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