We find the privacy of our users very important. That is why we take great care of your personal details. As a user of VIGO Flow at Work app and dashboards, we do everything we can to ensure that your personal information is carefully protected. In order to guarantee your privacy as much as possible, this Privacy Statement has been drawn up, which complies with the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation).

This Privacy Statement explains how and when VIGO processes and registers your data. We have summarized this in a Q & A (Questions and Answers) overview.

  1. What is the purpose of using your data?
  2. What are the security techniques that VIGO applies?
  3. What happens if you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the policy regarding filling out the questionnaires in the VIGO app?
  4. How and what do we collect from personal information?
  5. How is the information that people provide via the VIGO app used?
  6. Who has access to the personal details of a person?
  7. How long does VIGO store the personal data?
  8. Wjat is the VIGO website Cookie policy

1. What is the purpose of VIGO using your data?
Your privacy as a user of the VIGO app and dashboards has our highest priority! We realize how important your personal information is and therefore ensure that the personal information you provide is treated with the utmost confidentiality. VIGO only collects information through the VIGO app, with informed consent from you.

The data you enter yourself are answers to multiple choice questions, day scores and personal notes in the VIGO app. This data is used to give you insights into your personal working energy over a certain period.

2. What are the security techniques that VIGO applies?

VIGO is hosted and managed by DigitalOcean. This party is amongst others ISO27001 certified and uses a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement and all services fall within this certificate. All servers supporting VIGO are in the Netherlands.

VIGO  operates well-secured databases in which data is stored, certified for ISO-27001:2013 and NEN 7510:2011. To log in to our VIGO app, we use a SSL security certificate. We use modern and current technology for storing and encrypting passwords. With the processors required for the delivery of our services, we have concluded comprehensive agreements in line with the AVG.

3. What happens when a person agrees to the conditions of the policy regarding filling out the questionnaires in the VIGO app?

Before you as a user provide your personal details and can start using the app, you will get insight into the policy regarding the use of VIGO. After you have read and agreed to the terms of the policy, you send your answers and data via a secure link to the platform: VIGO Online, which is located on servers in our data center.

4. How and what do we collect from personal data?

How do we collect data:


When you are invited to activate the VIGO app, you will receive an email with a link to register. Your password, which meets strong password requirements is stored encrypted in our system. We use your email address as a unique identifier when logging into the app.

Personal data

We store the following personal data: email address, password, first name, insert, last name.

5. How is the information that people provide via the VIGO app used?

VIGO uses your personal information for the following purposes:

  • VIGO uses the entered day evaluations and notes from the VIGO app, to give you a summary of the progress of the working energy (6 drivers, each with 6 sub-drivers) over a longer period of time.
  • VIGO sends a secure link every month to view a personal on-line dashboard (summary of the day evaluations by calendar month)

In addition, we can provide the user with:

  • Notifications in the app as reminders or tips for using the app
  • VIGO Mails with download links for content with tips for the VIGO app and dashboard.

6. Who has access to the personal details of a person?

Access to personal data

Only a select number of employees within VIGO are authorized to inspect the personal data for the personal reports in order to process the input of the user. These employees are bound by a confidentiality clause. No VIGO employee has access to the password.

7. How long does VIGO store the personal data?

VIGO only stores data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the VIGO objectives.

8. VIGO website cookie policy

We believe it is important to align our services as much as possible with the wishes of our users. We are therefore constantly improving our services. Therefore, in addition to personal information, we also store aggregated anonymised information about our visitors to the website. This personal information is only stored if the visitor explicitly gives permission for this via the Cookie notice that shows when the visitor views the website. This information cannot be traced back to an individual. 

We use the following cookies:

  • Necessary cookies to optimise the technical functionality of the website and the display of video's
  • Statistics cookies to better understand how our website is used and the visitor traffic
  • Marketing cookies to improving our services in every way possible and for personalized advertising purposes a.o. via Linked-in

VIGO does not store personal data for longer than necessary for the stated purposes.

Inspection, correction and right of opposition

You can view, change or remove your personal data at any time. You can request us to view your personal data by sending an email to support@vigo.works. If the overview provided by us contains inaccuracies, you can notify us of changes.

At your request we will delete your personal data from our records. A request for deletion of your personal data can be sent by email to support@vigo.works.

Complaints regulations

In the unlikely event that you, as a participant, are of the opinion that VIGO does not comply with these regulations, please contact:


If this does not provide a satisfactory result, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority, www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl.

Subject to changes

VIGO reserves the right to change this privacy statement. Changes will be published on our website.

May 2020